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Wire Swages

Swaging is accomplished by cold forming a shape into the edge of the wire part typically on a punch press. It's usually formed with two pairs of form tools, two on top and two on the bottom of the wire's edge. In some cases swages are on only one edge of the wire.

Swages are often used for mating part locations, washer stops or light-duty power transmission applications like pedals and drive axles.

The swaging process requires the use of dies to cold form the shape into the wire. These dies can range in cost from $2,000 to $6,000 USD depending on the complexity of part and swage shape. Swage shapes vary from complex to simple round "ears" on the edge of the wire. The round "ear" is very effective for mating part locations, washer stop, and small power transition needs. The more complex shapes are used primarily for power transmission, such as pedal and drive axles.

Designer's note

Product designers should consider standardizing their swage designs and needs or explore using existing swage die sets to eliminate tooling and development costs. Additional savings can be found in standardizing the mating part design as well.

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