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Wire Chamfers

Wire chamfering, like threading, is accomplished by cutting or rolling. Cut chamfers remove the metal from the corner of the part leaving an angular transition between the two planes. Rolled chamfer pushes the material from the outer diameter in towards the part's centerline creating a "cup" shaped projection on the end of the part.

Pros and Cons of Cut and Rolled Wire Chamfers

Advantages of Rolled Wire Chamfers

  • less expensive - faster production rates
  • suitable for factory assembled parts that need a lead into a blind hole
  • chamfers and knurls can be produced in one operation when rolled

Disadvantage of Rolled Wire Chamfers

  • rolled chamfer part can be somewhat sharp
  • less suited for consumer assembly or when the part has an exposed end

Cut chamfer although more expensive are better suited for parts assembled by customers or where it will project beyond the surface of their mating part leaving the end exposed.

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