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Wire Bending

The process and tooling selected for wire bending operations is largely dictated by the quantity. Short runs of 100 to 200 pieces are usually produced manually with existing air bender tooling. Part designs with multiple part features, such as swages and bends, and high order quantities will be produced on four slides, punch presses or a combination of both. Some forms, if the quantities allow can be made on specialized machines. Erisco has the process equipment to produce a few hundred pieces or millions.

Wire Form Finishes

Wire form parts can have a finish applied to improve the part's aesthetic or currosion resistant properties. The most common finishes for wire forms are zinc coatings. These coatings are applied in three basic methods hot dipping, electroplating and mechanical powder application.

Hot dipping provides great durability and involves cleaning the steel part then dipping it in to a bath of molten zinc. This builds up a very thick coating of zinc on the outer surface of the part. This process can be costly and not always the most aesthetically pleasing choice.

Electroplating durable and attractive, involves electrically charging the steel part and immersing it into a solution of ionized zinc followed by a chromate bath. The chromate, while protecting the part surface, also provides a bright shiny silver zinc, yellow, black or olive drab green color.

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