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Raw Materials and Process Definitions

Most wire forms are made of a few types low carbon steels such as Industrial Quality (IQ) AISI 1008, Plating Quality (PQ) AISI 1018 and Cold Heading Quality (CHQ) AISI 1065. Each grade offers different mechanical properties like tensile strength, surface finish and malleability (ability to be cold worked or formed).

Mills ship plain or zinc coated pre-galvanized rod in coil form to produce wire. The basic material finish part can be used as is, painted, plastic coated for decorative appearance or electroplated for corrosion resistant decorative coating. Other alloys include stainless steels, copper, brass and aluminum would be used for electrical components, food processing components, medical instruments and severe and special duty components.

Raw Materials

  • We draw our own steel wire in sizes .187" to 1" diameter
  • Stock pre-finished, stainless steel, and non-ferrous materials
  • Special materials purchased to customer specifications
  • Bright basic, galvanized and steel wire
  • Straighten and cut lengths from 1.5" to 144"

  • ERISCO has been acquired by Heckethorn

    We are pleased to announce that ERISCO Industries (www.erisco-wire.com) has been acquired by Heckethorn...


Proprietory Wire Products