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Wire Forming

Wire forming covers a diverse range of operations including forming, fabricating, finishing and assembly. Beginning with coils of galvanized, mild steel, stainless steel or copper rod, Erisco has the capability draw this material to the exact wire gage. The coiled wire is then fed through a series of straightening operations, is formed into the desired shape with the specified end treatments, cut and finishing operations can be applied to meet customer requirements.

Eriesco wire operations produce steel wire and wire forms sizes from .062" (.157 cm) diameter to 1" (2.54 cm) diameter. Straighten and cut machines can handle rod and wire from "inches" (cm's) to lengths up to twelve feet (3.65 meters). Carbon steel wire is supplied in bright, black annealed, and galvanized finishes to a variety of markets. The fabricating operation specializes in both long and short run wire forms and stampings. Capabilities include four slides, automatic punch presses, and a vast array of process equipment to form, flatten, pierce, drill, and thread as well as perform other secondary operations.

As a job shop, Erisco's customer base includes original equipment manufacturers in automotive, consumer, and industrial components, toys, lawn and garden, medical and other markets.


Roll Thread
Material is rolled upwards into thread die creating a thread diameter larger than the blank diameter. For a table showing common roll threading diameters click here.
Cost Savings
Using undersized wire saves material cost and freight. The rolling process is also much faster thereby saving labor expense.
Increased Strength
Rolled threads are stronger than cut threads due to mechanical work hardening and grain orientation.
Cut Thread
Cut threads begin with wire with the same diameter as the thread. Material is cut away leaving behind the thread shape.


Annular Rings - most often used when mating part is plastic. Wire form is easily inserted into mating part but annular rings offer pull resistance to help keep product intact.
Linear Knurl - Also used with mating plastic components, the Linear Knurl provides resistance from rotation.
Diamond Knurl - A Diamond knurl is a compromise between the above two.
Combination - of any of the above knurling applications.

Chamfering and Machining

  • Broach
  • Thread
  • Knurl
  • Point
  • Tap
  • Chamfer - cut or rolled
  • Mill
  • Reduce
  • Drill
  • Groove
  • Manual and high speed/volume processes

Comparison of Cut and Rolled Chamfers

End Formations
Ball End Square Cut-Off Chamfer
Nail Point Turned End Diagonal Cut-Off
Radius Form

Cold Heading

  • Collars
  • Special Shapes
  • Heading
  • Extrusion
Button Head Carriage Head Collar Extrude

Assembly and Welding

  • Turnkey assembly of components
  • Sub assemblies
  • Assembly of components
  • Welded assemblies - mig, tig, and resistance
Welding Terminology
Butt With Flash Butt With Flash Removed Cross Wire Projection Tee


Manufacturing Capabilities

Wire Forming Capabilities

Pneumatic Table Operations

  • Short and long run air/hydraulic table benders
  • Press brakes
  • 4-slides
  • 2-4-6 head benders
  • Automatic feed presses
  • Ring rollers
  • Cold Headers
  • Dedicated forming centers

Press Operations: 5 ton to 150 ton presses

  • Swage
  • Pierce
  • Flatten
  • Stamp
  • Trim
  • Offset
  • Multitude of secondary operations
  • Eye Forms

Common Roll Threading Blank Diameters

.465 1/2 - 20
.447 1/2 - 13
.403 7/16 - 20
.390 7/16 - 14
.346 3/8 - 24
.331 3/8 - 16
.283 5/16 - 24
.274 5/16 - 18
.225 1/4 - 28
.212 1/4-20
.192 #12-28
.187 #12-24
.168 #10-32
.162 #10-24
.142 #8-32
.116 #6-32
.108 #5-40
.093 #4-40

  • ERISCO has been acquired by Heckethorn

    We are pleased to announce that ERISCO Industries (www.erisco-wire.com) has been acquired by Heckethorn...


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