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About Erisco Industries, Inc.

Erisco, recently acquired by Heckethorn Manufacturing of Dyersburg, TN, offers complete steel wire drawing and fabricating facility in Tennessee as well as a fabrication operation in Monterrey, Mexico. Our product mix is very diverse, ranging from steel wire manufacturing to wire forms, fabrications and assemblies. As a job shop, Erisco's customer base includes original equipment manufacturers in automotive, consumer, and industrial components, toys, lawn and garden, medical, and other markets.

The wire operation produces steel wire and wire forms in sizes from .062" (.157 cm) diameter to 1" (2.54 cm) diameter. Straighten and cut machines can handle rod and wire from "inches" (cm's) to lengths up to twelve feet (3.65 meters). Carbon steel wire is supplied in bright, and galvanized finishes to a variety of markets. The fabricating operation specializes in both long and short run wire forms and stampings. Capabilities include four slides, automatic punch presses, and a vast array of process equipment to form, flatten, pierce, drill, and thread as well as perform other secondary operations.

Sales and marketing in Mexico is handled by our staff in Santa Catarina. Customers are in a variety of OEM markets covering appliance, automotive, toys, medical, and lawn and garden in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Erisco Mission Statement

Our Mission is to sustain our vision while providing a valuable product for our customers, offering opportunity to our employees, and contributing within our community.

As a global supplier of wire forms and fabrications for nearly 70 years, Erisco wire provides:

  • ISO based process for quality control
  • Award winning performance from customers like Electrolux, Mattel, Rubbermaid, and Honda.
  • Single source of supply with diversified capabilities
  • Lean Manufacturing to improve quality, eliminate waste, reduce delays and total costs
  • Value added engineering presentations to customers on the science of wire forming
  • JIT programs to reduce inventory, increase efficiency and flexibility
  • Complete secondary operations-low to high volume
  • Top Export Award of Excellence for manufacturing in the State of Pennsylvania


Erisco Industries operates with a quality system compliant to ISO 9001 requirements.

Quality Assurance Program

Erisco's quality system is based on ISO procedures and processes. Our dedication to continuous improvement is shared by all of our employees. We have traceability from raw material through finished product. Our production area utilizes a computerized shop floor data collection system for in process inspection.

Our Quality Assurance function is responsible for vendor qualifications and evaluations, raw material approval, and first article inspections. In addition to maintaining and monitoring our quality system. In process data is collected and analyzed by SPC trained machine operators, using a networked data collection system for direct, error free and instant input to the Quality Database computer. Final audit and inspections are performed prior to shipment. We have the ability to provide PPAP submissions, ISIR, capability analysis, and other documentation upon request.

Erisco Quality Policy

Erisco Industries provides wire formed products that consistently met or exceed our customer's expectations and are delivered 100% on time. Our team is dedicated to continually improve our performance in order to offer exceptional service at a competitive cost in a lean and safe environment.

Markets Served

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Appliances
  • Medical
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Toys
  • Material Handling
  • Fasteners
  • Industrial Products
  • HVAC
  • Utilities
  • Construction


2005 Forrest Street
Dyersburg, Tennessee 38024
Phone: 731-285-3310
Fax: 731-286-2739

AV. Las Palmas 126
Parque Industrial Las Palmas
66181 Santa Catarina, N.L. Mexico
Phone: (81) 8048-5900


Equipment Listing/Capabilities

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Wire Manufacturing Equipment

  • 1 - Fastener Engineering Draw & Cut, 1" max. diameter
  • 2 - Wire Drawing Bull Blocks, .500 max diameter
  • 6 - Straighten & cut machines, .062 dia. thru .750 dia.
  • 4 - Draw, Straighten, and Cut Machines (up to 3/4")

Wire Fabricating

  • 1 - MANG 3-axis CNC Bender with robotic pick off
  • 2 - CNC 3-D Wireforming Machines (up to 13mm)
  • 1 - CNC 3-D Wireforming Machine (up to 10mm) with Robot pick arm
  • 42 - Automatic Hydraulic wireformers with modular, interchangeable tooling
  • 8 - Four-slides, to 3/8" dia.
  • 6 - Automatic feed punch presses, 10 to 100 tons
  • 9 - Automatic rod header - up to 1" dia.
  • 2 - Automatic cold headers, 5/16" dia. x 12" feed max.
  • 25 - Punch Presses, 2 through 500 tons
  • 10 - Horizontal single acting table benders
  • 1 - Horizontal double acting table bender
  • 4 - Thread rolling machines (up to 15mm threads)
  • 2 - Ruja high speed double end thread roller, knurler, 1/2" max. dia.
  • 1 - Press brake
  • 4 - Automatic adjustable drilling stations
  • 2 - Machining centers
  • 5 - Hydraulic U-Bolt Wireformers
  • 12 - Isolator assembly stations
  • 5 - Hand assembly lines

Tude Forming

  • 5 - CNC Tube forming machines (up 1 1/2")
  • 4 - Tube cold heading machines


  • 6 - Press type projection welders and MIG welders
  • 5 - Robotic Welders, fully articulating with rotating load platforms
  • 21 - Auto-drive MIG welders with single or dual torch heads

Tool Room

  • A complete in-house tool room facility for design production, repair, and maintenance of dies, fixtures and jigs. Equipment to include:
  • 3 - Bridgeport milling machines
  • 3 - Surface grinders
  • 2 - Lathes
  • 1 - Do all band saw
  • 1- Avey drill press
  • 1 - Darex drill grinder
  • 1 - Thompson wet grinder
  • 1 - Fosdick 48" radial drill press
  • 1 - Taping machine
  • 1 - Wilson Rockwell hardness tester


  • 300,000 sq. ft
  • 3 - totally enclosed loading docks
  • 10,000 sq. ft. general office & engineering section
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  • ERISCO has been acquired by Heckethorn

    We are pleased to announce that ERISCO Industries (www.erisco-wire.com) has been acquired by Heckethorn...


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