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Our large manufacturing facility offers hundreds of operations enabling us to bring your concept to life. Once the drawing arrives, our manufacturing engineers begin a process of “reverse engineering” to design the most efficient operation to produce your product. Erisco employs a diverse combination of CNC equipment, robotics, hydraulic and mechanical presses, die sets, stamping set ups, four-slides, air tables, wire straightening equipment and more to produce your component to an exact tolerance. To see our wire bending and wire fabrication equipment, click on Wire Forming.

Wire Form products or Wire Forms range from thin gauge stainless steel wire clips to heavy 1-inch rod for shafts or axles. Products can be as simple as providing a straight 6-inch copper bar to complex geometric shapes with collars, threads and subassembly operations. If it sounds like wire forming can be complex… you’re right. However, when you have more than 70 years of manufacturing experience with innovative engineering, specialized equipment and an ISO based process, it almost becomes fun.  We enjoy solving challenging design problems.

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What is a Wire Form?

Wire Forms are products or components produced from a solid rod or coil of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper or other alloys and typically range from an 18-gauge wire to a 1-inch rod. The most common wire forms require some amount of bending or shaping often in three dimensions with a threaded, chamfered or knurled end.Bent and threaded wire A common product requiring a variety of wire form components is a lawn mower. They require axles with swages for washer stops, a threaded “curled” wire rope guide, a wire handle to engage the blade, a drive shaft, a rigid wire shape for the collection bag opening and handle, a wire bag support and many more. 

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    We are pleased to announce that ERISCO Industries (www.erisco-wire.com) has been acquired by Heckethorn Manufacturing Company (www.hecomfg.com). Heckethorn...


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